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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: in desperade need fir precompiled Cocoon175dev for FP taglib or explaination what I did wrong
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 14:31:32 GMT
At 15:30 +0200 20/07/00, Markus Spiekermann wrote:
>I donloaded the latest version from CVS and beside of anouncing itself as
>Cocoon 1.8 it produces the same
>Jeremy sended an cocoon.jar to me, but if I replace my cocoon174 jar with
>it, nothing works at all. I got an
>error message concerning the ldap.processor at ALL cocoon samples (Class
>not found...). The ldap processer is
>not working on my machine, but the other samples worked before. (I put
>jndi.jar is in my classpath just as
>the faq asks me to do). When I copy the old 174 cocoon jar back to my
>/usr/local/bin/ folder it works again...

Use the and other Jar files from your 1.7.5-dev
installation that you could not compile.


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