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From Jesse Reynolds <>
Subject Re: Tomcat on MacOS problem
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2000 08:53:43 GMT
Check also that the .jar files have untared as binary files, not 
text. If you use stuffit expander to untar, then you need to tell it 
to handle .jar files as binary... I had this problem. Although I got 
around it by using the program suntar, which works a treat, before 
someone suggested adding the .jar - binary setting to stuffit.

A way to check that the .jar file is sane, is to open it in Zipit, 
and check the validity of some of the class files within. I found 
that in particular my whole xerces.jar file was bad, and fixed it by 
untar'ing again with suntar.



At 11:09 -0500 28/7/00, Mike Engelhart wrote:
>on 7/28/00 10:44 AM, Uli Mayring at wrote:
>>  Hi folks,
>>  I installed MRJ SDK 2.2 and MRJ runtime 2.2.2 and Tomcat3.1. I added all
>>  the jars from Tomcat's lib directory (plus the cocoon jars) to JBindery's
>>  classpath and included in the command section
>>  org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat with optional parameter startup.
>>  So, I did everything as described by Mike Engelhart recently. But when I
>>  launch the built Tomcat application a popup comes up and tells me that the
>>  main class org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat could not be found.
>>  I even included a in the same directory as the Tomcat
>>  app, which contains the classpath etc. again, but that didn't change
>>  anything.
>>  Trying the same properties file with the MRJ Application builder by
>>  dragging it and the contents from Tomcat/lib to its icon was not
>>  successful either. I got numerous Java Exceptions when building, most of
>>  the complaining about bit-length in the ZIP files or something similar. So
>>  perhaps the jars I downloaded from Tomcat are corrupt? How can I verify
>>  that?
>>  thanks for any help,
>>  Ulrich
>I just downloaded a fresh Tomcat 3.1 and unzipped/untarred it and went into
>the lib directory and dragged and dropped the following:
>onto the JBindery application.
>Then I put:
>into the "Class Name" field
>and put the word "startup"  into the "Optional Parameters" field and saved
>it as an application.
>Double-clicking it works just fine.   Try it only with those jar files.  You
>don't need ant.jar because you're not building anything with it.  Also try
>getting Tomcat running before you try adding all the Cocoon specific
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