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From Francisco Jr. <>
Subject Re: method normalize()V not found
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 01:26:46 GMT

Hi, start Resin passing manually your classpath so that Resin put it before their classpath

which includes Resin own xml parser. So, supose that you have Xerces.jar in an 
YOURCLASSPATH env variable, you have to type:

httpd -cp %YOURCLASSPATH% ( on windows ) or, -cp $YOURCLASSPATH ( on Unix ) 

with that, Resin prepend YOURCLASSPATH on -cp flag passed to start JVM, and so locate the

updated xml parser (Xerces).
To see what Resin is doing ( and confirm that it is using correctly your classpath ) start
it with 
-verbose option.

I hope it helps.

Francisco Jr.

Original message from: Donald Ball
>On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Bo wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> while I am using Cocoon on Resin 1.1.2, the xml files without xsp work very
>> well but xsp doesn't work though I have put xerces.jar before any other jar
>> file in the classpath.
>i reckon resin has some library with DOM1 that appears internally before
>xerces... that's been a problem with some other servlet engines. might be
>worth poking around inside resin to see.
>- donald
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