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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: DB Connection Pooling Concerns
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2000 20:06:28 GMT
On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Pascal Davoust wrote:

> [snip on DB connection pooling concerns]
> >We definitly need a connection pool! ... I've just downloaded
> >Turbine to check how we can use it's connection pool. But
> >actually I'm not quite sure where to place the connection manager
> >object (or whatever it might be called). It has to reside somewhere
> >in the HttpServlet class to asure it's not request specific
> >and can provide it's service to every sqllib connection query.
> >
> >Maybe some of the PROs can share our thoughts... ?
> First, let's make things clear : I'm not a PRO (whatever a PRO could be)...
> ;o)
> What about using the Factory pattern for your connection manager ?
> The idea behind this is to have a single instance of a connection mgr in the
> entire system (well, VM in our case). All the servlets (Cocoon is one, right
> ?) running in the same VM can then access that instance (actually, I know
> for sure that, with JServ, _all_ servlets of a single JServ instance run
> under the same VM; I don't know about other servlet engines, but I assume
> the same way of running), providing the "allocate once, use everywhere" (not
> yet TM'ed ? :o) feature you need for you connection pool.
> It could be implemented like this :
> * Have a class-wide method (well, static method in Java ;o) used as a
> factory, which means that you have to call "ConnectionMgr.getInstance()" to
> retrieve a reference to a ConnectionMgr
> * Have that method allocate such a ConnectionMgr only once, and storing it
> for future calls by using a class-wide member (i.e. static member)
> (Singleton pattern).
> When you've got to use a connection mgr, just call
> "ConnectionMgr.getInstance()" in your XSP taglib, and that's all !
> What about that ?

Guys, guys, thanks for the thoughts but Brian Millett's connection pooling
code is already in cvs. just going to do some testing and we'll release
1.7.5 or 1.8.

- donald

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