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From I-Chung Young <>
Subject Re: Serializer for HDML output
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 22:13:36 GMT

	Based on my limited understanding, Serializer is
developed in Xerces. The current SerializerFactory only
allows XML/HTML/XHTML/TEXT. If you change the xerces,
then you could check how HTMLSerializerin Xerces is and
check HTMLFormatter in Cocoon to duplicate one. Or you
could check FO2PDFFormatter in cocoon and write your
own serializer on Document object.

	The problem I see is HDML syntax is even looser
than HTML regarding end tag. It may not be worth developing
it for this to-be-retired language. For a dirty hack, you
could treat HDML as text output and use TextFormatter in
cocoon. The advantage is it works (somewhat) The disadvantage
is all HDML tags (angle brakets) has to be enclosed in
<xsl:text><![CDATA[<]]></xsl:text> and

Hope this helps.
I-Chung Young

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Tamara Cameron wrote:

> Hey All--
> I am trying to generate HDML using cocoon and can only find one unanswered
> question in the archives about creating a serializer to do this.
> I am wondering if an HDML Formatter has already been created by someone.
> Alternatively, I am hoping that there is  information, documentation or
> pointers for creating new Formatters that someone can point me to.
> Thanks,
> Tamara
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