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Subject Problem moving to Cocoon2 from 1.7.4
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 22:04:06 GMT

I'm having problems setting up Cocoon2 on Tomcat3.1.  The build went fine,
however after I configure the Cocoon2 servlet into Tomcat and start up,
cocoon does not work.  I include relevant information below.  I looked in
the archive but had problems with the site working (some sort of conversion
effort going on?)

I'd appreciate any suggestions or pointers to previous messages.

Thanks, ~dmr

Looking the servlet.log, I find the following entries:
<l:context path="/cocoon" >tomcat.errorPage: init</l:context>
<l:context path="/cocoon" >jsp: init</l:context>
<l:context path="/cocoon" >Cocoon2: init</l:context>
<l:context path="/cocoon" >this.configurationFile: null</l:context>
<l:context path="/cocoon" >this.configurationFile: C:\bin\apache\tomcat\webapps\cocoon/cocoon.xconf</l:context>
<l:context path="/cocoon" >Reloading from: C:\bin\apache\tomcat\webapps\cocoon/cocoon.xconf</l:context>
<l:context path="/cocoon" >Exception reloading: Fatal error parsing null (line 0 col.
0): File "C:\bin\apache\tomcat\webapps\cocoon\cocoon.xconf" not
<l:context path="/cocoon" >default: init</l:context>

I'm running on Windows 95.
My TOMCAT_HOME=c:\bin\apache\tomcat
I've verified that cocoon.xconf is located at: c:

My web.xml entry for Cocoon2 is:


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