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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: cache and performance
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 16:59:08 GMT
> > Well, the point is - what is a page? Our XML-files stay the same most
> > of the time, our XSLT-files stay the same.
> > What changes is the data that comes out of the database that
> > "enriches" the XML-files. So there is a long way until we can
> > talk about "a page" and on this way there still some components
> > that stay the same!!
> So you don't need to cache pages, but parts of pages. There is no
> built-in solution to that in cocoon, but you can try playing with the
> XInclude processor. If you manage to include the dynamic parts, then the
> static page can be cached. However, if you access a database for the
> dynamic data, then I would think that most of the processing time is
> lost in JDBC/database processing. XSLT can be slow, too, but with my
> apps I have experienced that database access is the bottleneck.

Did you get some more specific information where the bottleneck is?
The real data transfer or is it the connection initiation?

BTW: Where should I place the connection definitions best? Is is
     possible to established the connection when cocoon starts up
     so I don't have to define and establish it in every XSP page?


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