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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: class reload
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2000 17:44:55 GMT
Alexander Krasilnikov <> wrote:
>       I have some trouble with class reloading in
>       the configuration Apache/Resin 1.1.3/Cocoon 1.7.4.
>    Resin/Cocoon compiles sources of my classes
>ONCE AFTER STARTING. And later if i change my sources
>(even if i manually compile them) and reload my index.xml
>nothing is changed - i see result of working of my old
>classes. When i restart Resin new classes work!
>But this is not convinient path of development - after each
>source change restart Resin. Can anybody help me?

Have you tried adding a space to index.xml, so that Cocoon knows it has 

If that doesn't work, I have made a modification to Cocoon to support 
auto-reloading of classes on all servlet runners, even if the servlet runner 
has no auto-reload facility itself. All being well I will generate the patch 
files and post them to the cocoon lists this weekend (I finally have a 
minute to spare! :-). Hopefully this can be included in the next version, 
1.8 - due out soon, we hope.

Robin Green
i-tao Ltd.
4 Skyline Village
London E14 9TS
United Kingdom
Phone +44 20 7537 2233  Fax +44 70 8081 5118

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