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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: returning images directly
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2000 16:23:29 GMT
1. Generate binary data inside an XML page, like this


2. Implement org.apache.cocoon.formatter.Formatter, creating a 
BinaryFormatter class. It should be very simple - just take the text node 
out of the page element and write it out.

3. Add this new BinaryFormatter class to

4. Use the cocoon-format tag at the top of the page, to specify the binary 

Hey presto, you're done!

(But using a servlet would still be more efficient.)

Robin Green
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Chris Meyer <> asked:
>>>  Is there any way to use cocoon to return images directly? Something
>>>  along the lines of:
>>>  <xsl:logic>
>>>  response.setContentType( "image/gif" )
>>>  writeMyImageFileToOutput( "myfilename.gif", response.getOutputStream() 
>>>  </xsl:logic>
>>try response.sendRedirect("myfilename.gif")
>>- donald
>Unfortunately this won't work as far as I can tell -- I don't want to
>redirect to a web page. I want to send an image directly to the user.
>This is in order that the image is a 'protected' resource on the
>system (i.e., the user must log in to the web site in order to have
>access to the image). The file is not located in any public area (and
>in fact may be generated on the fly).
>When using servlets directly, you can stream out the data to the
>output stream. Under Cocoon, it specifically has as its goal to have
>no output stream (I read this in Stephan's slides). So how is the
>best way to return generated binary data like images?
>Any other ideas?

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