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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: How to add new media types for other browsers
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2000 18:06:20 GMT wrote:
>Hi, we need your help.

The cocoon-dev list is principally for developers working on Cocoon itself, 
i.e. the internals. It would be better (and you would probably have got a 
faster response) to have posted this to, so I'm 
redirecting it to there.

>We are testing cocoon XSLT with several different browsers such as wap, 
>palm III
>and palm VII. We are using
>different media types to link to the different stylsheets. For WAP and IE5, 
>system picks the right stylsheet,
>and everything works. However, we keep getting error message
>"org.apache.cocoon.processor.ProcessorException:Could not associated 
>to document: no matching stylesheet for explorer at .." on palm III and a 
>screen for palm VII.

This indicates that the Palm III is being recognised as running Explorer.

>We have done the followings. Please call 415-904-6682 if you need details.
>1. Added the statement "browser.13 = palmIII=MOZILLA/1."  and  "browser.14 
>to the file in a right order.
>(we have changed the search token to Mozilla/1, Mozilla, or 1, and put the
>statement as the first on the list)
>browser.0 = explorer=MSIE
>browser.1 = pocketexplorer=MSPIE
>browser.2 = handweb=HandHTTP
>browser.3 = avantgo=AvantGo
>browser.4 = imode=DoCoMo
>browser.5 = opera=Opera
>browser.6 = lynx=Lynx
>browser.7 = java=Java
>browser.8 = wap=Nokia
>browser.9 = wap=UP
>browser.10 = wap=Wapalizer
>browser.11 = mozilla5=Mozilla/5
>browser.12 = mozilla5=Netscape6/
>browser.13 = palmIII=MOZILLA/1.
>browser.14 = palmIII=MOZILLA/2.0
>browser.15 = netscape=Mozilla

But this list is checked in order from 0 to 15. Because Cocoon is reporting 
"cannot find stylesheet for explorer", that must mean the palmIII user-agent 
line includes the word explorer. So, cocoon looks at item 0 and says "Ah, 
this must be Explorer". So you need to move the palmIII lines right to the 
top of the list, like so:

browser.0 = palmIII=MOZILLA/1.

Robin Green
i-tao Ltd.
4 Skyline Village
London E14 9TS
United Kingdom
Phone +44 20 7537 2233  Fax +44 70 8081 5118

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