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From "Tobias Rissler" <>
Subject another xsl:if question
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2000 16:14:02 GMT
hi everybody

i couldn't find aynthing about this in several archives though i'm sure
somebody can help me with this problem.

i have a xml file with x data nodes which contain addresses. what i want to
do now is to show all the names that are in this addressbook. that's no
problem but i would like to have each name only once (if there are
different persons with the same name) and that's where the problem starts.
i think this is possible with xsl:if somehow but i couldn't find out how to
check whether a name already appeared or not and if so how to make sure
that this name appears only once in my html output. (the names are ordered

does anybody have some good ideas?

any help is appreciated.


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