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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: Tomcat on MacOS problem
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2000 08:03:05 GMT
on 7/29/00 10:53 AM, Jesse Reynolds at wrote:

> Check also that the .jar files have untared as binary files, not
> text. If you use stuffit expander to untar, then you need to tell it
> to handle .jar files as binary... I had this problem. Although I got
> around it by using the program suntar, which works a treat, before
> someone suggested adding the .jar - binary setting to stuffit.
> A way to check that the .jar file is sane, is to open it in Zipit,
> and check the validity of some of the class files within. I found
> that in particular my whole xerces.jar file was bad, and fixed it by
> untar'ing again with suntar.
> cheers
> jesse
Actually the best way to fix this I've found (so that you can continue using
Stuffit Expander) is to go into the Internet control panel and add .jar
files to it.  Go to the Edit menu and select User Mode and make sure it's
selected to be at least Advanced.   Then go to the Advanced tab in the
control panel and click on File Mapping and click the "Add..." button.
Then in the "Add Mapping" field, add ".jar"  and for file type put "ZIP "
(space at the end is important) and "java" as the creator type and when the
dialog asking for a creator name comes up just put "java" again.  Click on
"Show Advanced Options"  and make sure that the checkboxes "Map Incoming"
and "Map Outgoing" are checked and that the default format is binary data.
Then click the Add button and close the internet control panel and save

This will cause the system to deal with .jar files the correct way.


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