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From <>
Subject Re: permit quoting
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 11:22:41 GMT
> > What about javascript inside the HTML page. Well, you can pass it
> > as long it is inside the xsl:comment tag. Which should be ok for
> > most reasons. But as far as I know javascript can and sometimes
> > even is supposed to live outside a comment tag. What's up then?
> > How do I get the '<' character?
> Easy, like this:
> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
> 	<![CDATA[
> 	<!--//
> 	javascriptcode
> 	//-->
> 	]]>
> </script>

Hm... so why does my <![CDATA[ </tr> <tr> ]]> not get passed
then? All I get is &lt/tr&gt etc.

> This is perfectly legal XML.

I know... that was my first try!

>Also, there is the Mulberry list for XSL(T) questions, GMD carries one
>in German, too. cocoon-users is meant only for stuff relating to cocoon.

Well, since Cocoon1 seems to ignore the standard XSLT attribute
"disable-output-escaping" it _is_ a cocoon issue! I would not
have been posting this stuff otherwise.

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