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From <>
Subject RE: position()
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2000 17:53:34 GMT
> The position are not the same because the "space" characters generate a
> node
> in the tree structure
> Do not forget : Space characters between tags is processed as content
> like other alphanumeric characters

Ah!!! Now I got it! :-)

> insert into the image transformation rule
> <xsl:nul count="image"/>

you mean xsl:number, don't you? ;-)

Your example was excellent! Thanx a lot!

> I u want some tips about xslt loot at

Lots of tips! Great!

But I still didn't find how to use
the count() in a test like this: a template matching item:
<xsl:if test="@selected=count(item)">
 //since position() doesn't work here for me
 //but I only want to count the items no
 //other tags!

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