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From Alessandro Bottoni <>
Subject RE: Looking for the big picture
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 14:20:51 GMT
Hi Wolfgang,

[Wolfgang Werner]
Please - where can I find overall information / documentation 
concerning developing cocoon sites?

[Alessandro Bottoni]
I'm sure you have read the available documentation at, already.
Unfortunatley, there is not much more on this topic, yet... I can just
signal you a few good "general" books:

Java and XML
by Brett McLaughlin
published by O'Reilly
(a chapter is devoted to Cocoon)

Professional XML
(several authors...)
Published by Wrox
(describes the XML technologies used by Cocoon)

The XML Bible
by Elliotte Rusty Harold
Published by IDG Books
(same as previous, but a bit older...)

Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages
by Marty Hall
Published by Prentice -Hall
(describes the Java tecnhnologies used by Cocoon)

Building Web Sites with XML
By Michel Floyd
Published by Prentice-Hall
(quite shallow and aimed to IIS+ASP+XML users...)

[Wolfgang Werner]
Can't I just use only XSP?

[Alessandro Bottoni]
Well, as long as I know, XSP has been designed to address just this kind of
problems, so you should use only XSP/Cocoon but...

[Wolfgang Werner]
BTW: I have to be able to scale to up to 500 *parallel* users

[Alessandro Bottoni]
...but Cocoon ( Cocoon 1 ) is quite slow if compared with traditional web
servers, in particular if you use XSP. In any case, 500 users *at a time* is
a fairly high load for *any* server that creates pages on demand, even
simple HTML/ASP pages...

Maybe, you can use some kind of cache (see a thread on this topic in this
mailing list).

[Wolfgang Werner]
BTW: Should I start working with cocoon or cocoonII?

[Alessandro Bottoni]
As long as I know, Cocoon II is still under development and should not be
used as a production server, in particular for heavy-load, mission-critical
tasks like the one you depicted. Despite this, Cocoon II is much faster than
Cocoon I and has a few features that make much easier to administer the

If you can wait for a production realease of Cocoon II, this will be a great
tool for your task.

Hope this help.
Alessandro Bottoni (
Web Programmer @ Think3 inc. (
I do not speak for think3 and they return the favour

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