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From Henning von Bargen <>
Subject AW: XSP SQL Taglib: using bind variables
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 06:55:34 GMT
> How can I have the queries definition in a place and since the XSP
> pages just said what is the connection, the query definition, and the
> variables. Something like this:

> <sql:execute-query name="someDocuments">
>          <sql:use-connection>sidConnection</sql:use-connection>
> <sql:variables>
>      <sql:variable type="string">
>    <xsp:expr> request.getParameter("param")</xsp:expr>
>      </sql:variable>
>      <sql:variable>
>    <xsp:expr>request.getParameter("param2")</xsp:expr>
>      </sql:variable>
> </sql:variables>
> </sql:execute-query>
> I said that becouse of i have the same query in MANYdifferent pages.

I would propose to do a Virtual Path to Connection mapping.
Oracle uses this approach with their iAS (formerly OAS),
it's simple and works well, and you don't have to supply a connection
definition in each and every SQL taglib page.
Donald, what do you think?


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