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From Markus Spiekermann <>
Subject LDAP Queries on localhost in combination with FP Taglib
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:41:26 GMT

I want to combine LDAP queries with the FP-Taglib. My intention is to
query for "Experts" to setup a Project-Team using the FP Taglib, but I
encounter the following problems with LDAP. So  excuse me when I´m
asking some questions more related to linux than to cocoon...

Whenever I use the sample ldap.xml  I receive the following Error:

javax.naming.Communication.exeption: Root exeption is

So I got the following questions:
-Is the sample working somewhere or is this service at no
longer available?
-If it is working, where can I find more information about setting up my
machine for ldap. (Redhat 6.1 kompatible with jdk1.2.2, Jserv1.1.2,
jndi1.2.1, Cocoon 1.8 dev,  with NON permanent access to the internet
but with working ISDN dialin network
-Can I use LDAP queries on my local machine and if Yes, how?

Thanks to all


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