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From Olivier BETHERY <>
Subject Re: CVS TagLib
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2000 14:23:30 GMT

Hugues Marilleau wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 27, 2000 at 01:31:28PM +0000, John Morrison wrote :
> > It appears, and somebody *please* correct me if I'm wrong, that the only
> > way to query a CVS repository is to have a checked out local copy.
> >
> > Please, somebody, tell me its not true!
> I don't think so, look at for example, I can browse
> directories and get files without having a local repository.
> Or did I miss the point ? (My English is not very good, I know :) )

The problem is that if u want to talk with a cvs server the client
needs a temporary directory to save a CVS repository. 

With the case of the client application is ViewCVS not
our web browser.
It's the same problem with the taglib, the taglib is the client for the
CVS server.
Then the local copy is neither on our desktop nor on the CVS server but
on the servlet server.

The thing I don't know yet is if the check out operation is the only way
to retrieve CVS server data.

But the jcvs api ( look at my preceding post ) which is a client api (
in java ) for a CVS 
server and the framework for the jcvs servlet store data in a temp dir.

The worst thing is that the CVS Taglib have to use a configuration file
to define a
temp dir location.

May be i miss something ? (My English is not very good, I know :) )


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