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From Ulrich Mayring <>
Subject Re: Re: fp taglib feedback
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 10:00:47 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

> >It's just a matter of copying over the code from one of the other taglibs,
> >so I'll probably do it tomorrow :)
> excellent!

Hmm... I just looked at it, not so easy after all :)

> I think what you need is a stylesheet that takes your fragment and
> assembles an XSP Page that uses the FP TagSet dynamically, that then
> compiles to produce your editor. This would be crazy/amazing if you got it
> working :)

I've gotten this sort of thing working before, but it is extremely
fiddly :)

> The basic problem is that FP was never designed with your need in mind.
> I never expected people to _not_ know in advance, what it was they wanted
> to edit.

Well, think about a content management system built on top of fp. You
have many different XML files and want to edit them all with fp and
forms. Since every file has a different structure, you'll have to write
different code for each. Instead what you want is a central fp
installation, which takes XML files passed to it, displays them on a
form and saves them back. And you want to throw authentication on top of
it, because you don't want everyone to modify anyone's files. You might
even have different permissions within different sections of one and the
same file. Perhaps you are glad that this is my job :)

> Ha! I expected people to be trying _simple_ tings first, not "thousands" of
> fields :)

I have this large form running with XMLForm, so I thought my first
project should be converting it to use fp :)

> TANSTAAFL, that's a new one on me ...

There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch :)


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