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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: XML is not a panacea and other sensible observations
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 18:17:35 GMT
Randall Parker wrote:
> As we build toward the next big computer standards panacea craze with XML at its foundation
as the magic bullet that will eliminate the
> need for much computer programming and other fanciful dreams it is beneficial to the
effective and clear operation of the mind to have
> certain basic truths pointed out. Read this:


thanks much for pointing this to me, I hope the XMLHack editors find
this as interesting and worth made known as I think it is.

I would like to comment just one sentence (the last one):

> Equating "the standard solution of a problem" with 
> "finding an XML encoding for the problem" is just a mistake. 

Indeed, but we must not forget that XML is just another form of encoding
and the amount of information passing thru is exactly the same. XMill
proves that you can compress XML better than BZIP if you tune the
compressor for XML syntax... and venture saying that you can achieve
even better results if you tune the compressor for a specific XMLSchema.

Sometimes just the fact that you don't have to write your own parser
it's a reason valid enough to turn your encoding into XML... but I
totally agree that this must be carefully evaluated on each case.

Anyway, this is just another version of the "Golden Hammer" antipattern
and it works for everything ranging from editors to operating systems
from applications to programming languages from protocols to

When you have a hammer in your hand, everything starts to look as a
nail. :)

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