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Subject XML & resources
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 10:02:21 GMT
Hi Cocoon Users,

I hope that this mail is not OT (I appologize if it is).

We are starting development on a larger project centered around Cocoon,
and we need several tools.Thus I am asking if any kind soul can point us
to some resources on the web where we can find something. We will need

        - a good XML-XSL editor that runs under linux
        - Optimize-It has been mentioned as a tool to trace the
performance of servlets. Where can we get it?

        - also we java need class libraries for
                -numeric intensive computations (matrix manipulations,
                -error logging and tracing (which method is envoked,..),

                        debugguing, verbose levels (output for
                -File IO
                -Smart DB access (persistance)

    (we have strong experience in program development, but  some of us
are starting OO, so any input is appreciated, eg. a book containing
interesting stuff)

If some of these classes should not be available to the public, we
intend to develop them and make them available, if there is some

Thanks a lot!



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