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From "Isidoro Martinez" <>
Subject Re: HTML and XSL
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 11:42:01 GMT

Well, I see that the relation between XSL and HTML is something that worries.
That's good!!

I hope I don't bore you if I start to 'philosophize'.

I know XML is very powerful but I wanto to use it in a concret, the most
common, situation.

We want to develop Web applications where some of the contents will be dynamic.

To do it, we have programmers, who are very good in algorithms... but with an
aesthetic sense not too developed. :-)
and we have designers who with their visual tools can build really nice static
pages... but don't ask them too much!!.

So, the process is divide in programmers and designers and we would like to
maintain them separated.

If we are going to develop an application (suppose we use Java), the thing will
go more or less as follows:
- The programmers start to develop their Java classes where is contained the
core of the application and the business logic.
- The designers build their static HTML pages.
- In a certain momento in time, we have to add the dynamic behaviour to the
HTML pages.
- In the best of the cases, I have to perform minor changes in my HTML pags to
transform them
  into JSP (adding some while, if, getValue functions,...)
  But the problem is that we have mixed the two things. So, if in the future we
are going to change the layout,
  we have to modify the JSP page.
  Who is going to do it?
  If the designer does it, he has to know some programming stuff. Well, in fact
he can use some visual tool that handle
  pretty well the JSP sections.

So, I hear something about XML, XSL, XSLT,... and I start to investigate.
The point is that, I think, it doesn't solve THIS problem.
Now the programmer put the data in a XML file. Who is going to build the XSL
file? You can say that a designer can do it,
that an HTML file can be 'imported' and some minor changes can be done. Well,
that is exactly the same that with the JSP !!.

 I don't say anything against all this new stuff, but I don't see how it can
really help in THIS problem. Even further, I see
 that it complicates all the process.

 The solution? I don't know, maybe a visual tool that the designers can use to
build the XSL.

Thaks for your patience!!


Nägeli Margrit wrote:

> Good question! I dread the moment when I have to tell our web designer that
> he will now have to style his pages in XSL instead of Dreamweaver.
> Maybe this should be a faq: "How do I tell my designer ...?" ;)
> maggie
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> From: Isidoro Martinez []
> Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 8:55 AM
> To:
> Subject: HTML and XSL
> Hi,
> I am new in this thing of Cocoon, event though I have some experience
> with servlets, JSP,...
> Maybe this is not the best place to make my questions, but I would
> reallyb apreciate any help :-)
> Ok, I can write my XSP and produce pretty XM files with all my data. In
> the other hand, I
> have a lot of fancy HTML editors that allow me to create nice layouts.
> So, I would need to
> define a XSL to transform my XML in my final HTML file. The question is:
> if I can produce
> easily the HTML, how can I obtain the XSL file? I guess somebody will
> tell me that I should
> start working with the XSL file and forget the HTML file. In this case,
> do they exist visual tools
> to make those design as in HTML?
> Thanks a lot,
> Isi,
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