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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject FP beta-testing feedback (was: Re: [ANN] FP TagLib)
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2000 13:11:18 GMT
I spent much of today playing with FP, and couldn't quite get it
going. Has anyone else got feedback?

I followed the installation instructions exactly, I hope (Tomcat
3.2dev, Cocoon1.7.5dev from CVS).

Clicking on the first "[add]" button (item-add.xml?item=1), I get a
form with no labels anywhere, empty drop-down lists and a label-less
submit button. It seems that the <fp:read> tags aren't doing anything.

To illustrate, the line:

<fp:read as="node" from="external-item" select="../item/title"/>

is supposed to generate:

    <title>Title 1</title>
    <title>Title 2</title>
    <title>Title ...</title>

and doesn't.

A possible cause: the FP class fpResource uses
org.apache.xerces.parsers.RevalidatingDOMParser, which isn't present
in the default xerces.jar for cocoon1 (1.0.3), cocoon2 (1.1.2), and is
currently broken (and commented out in build.xml) in the latest xerces
from CVS. I would have expected ClassNotFoundErrors, but didn't see

Can't wait to get this going; it looks extremely cool :)

Jeremy Quinn wrote:
> Dear All,
> A preview release of the FP TagLib is available.
> It's a kind of "pre-cocoon-donation" version, I'm interested to see if it
> runs on other's setups and if people think they'll find it useful.
> You can download it from here:
>      (MacOS)
>                  (WIN)
>                (UNIX)

Unless I'm doing something dumb, I think this last file is corrupted. 
$ gunzip -t fp.tar.Z 

gunzip: fp.tar.Z: corrupt input.

Installing from the zip, form/default.xml is horribly mangled (even
for win;), ie it starts:


> Apart from the install files, there are basic dox, a sample site and the
> source code.
> There's a few issues to sort out before this could be included in Cocoon,
> namespace, tag names, package names, code quality, etc.
> It is difficult to tell at this stage which of these will change.
> Enjoy
> regards Jeremy
> --

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