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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: logging
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 16:43:34 GMT
Yann wrote:
> Right I get it. It's actually much better this way, because a lot of server
> code might not need the J2EE framework but would still need some sort of
> thread and socket management. Putting J2EE on top of it does make sense. The
> idea to define a core framework under J2EE is really clever.

:)  Federico, Stefano, and Pierpaolo (sp?) did a great job on the foundation,
and it is being updated and maintained continually.

> The question is: what core services will Avalon provide? I understand that
> the list of core services must be continuisly redefined. Thanks for pointing
> at it. It certainly is going to make me brainstorm.

Cool beans.  The following services are already in the framework:

Time Manager          (kind of like a chron daemon in UNIX land)
Connection Management (currently rude, will be JMS and next focus)
JNDI                  (the current server block lookup mechanism)
Remote Manager        (also currently rude, will be addressed shortly)
Master Store          (implements persistent and temporary store for objects
                       and streams)
Logging               (the log system is called Omero, which uses channels,
                       log levels, etc).
Socket Server         (Listen to different sockets for connections)
Thread Manager        (Organize a pool of threads for the Server's use)

The Remote Manager, Connection Management, and Time Manager have been identified
as areas that will need some work (the Time Manager only needs a little work).

These core areas are what have been identified as what is needed in almost
every robust server, and we will have a few more services to add in the near
future, so if you are interested, subscribe to the mail list--we will be happy
to have you aboard.

But enough recruiting...  This list is for Cocoon Users ;).

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