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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: logging
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 14:38:07 GMT
Yann wrote:
> > It will take some time, unless we can get volunteers to help out?  When we
> > are done, the system will rock--and guess what?  Cocoon2 will be able to
> be
> > integrated into the Avalon system seamlessly so that your code will be
> able
> > to access the Avalon logging system, JNDI system, JMS system, thread
> manager,
> > socket manager, and on and on....  In fact, Cocoon2 is built on the Avalon
> > architecture, so all this will be a perfect fit.
> This is all very exciting. Sorry to ask, but I am not familiar with Avalon:
> 1) Is it a J2EE compliant App Server?

No.  In order to qualify for that, it would require more services.  The current
roadmap is being discussed on the mail list.  It provides many services that
any server requires, so that you don't have to waste time on the more mundane
aspects.  The roadmap proposed was developed with J2EE compliance in mind.

It will only implement the things that make sense for the core system, and
allow for someone to easily build a J2EE compliant app server on top of it.

> 2) Are the services you describe on top of J2EE as a "value added" thing?

They are part of the Core Avalon system (or soon will be).  The thread manager
and socket manager may not be explicitly defined by J2EE, but most servers
require those facilities.

> 3) Is it Open Source or is a product from a company in particular?

Yes.  Avalon is Apache's Java Server Framework.  It provides the foundation
for Apache JAMES, Slide, Cocoon, and more.

The URL for the project is
Keep in mind that the CVS archive is much more up to date than site is.
> > As for a standard logging DTD, I don't know of any.  We could generate our
> > own :).
> Well, there is a site registered under construction.
> Also, I just found that one:
> Groovy!


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