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From Alex Ferrer <>
Subject Re: Cocoon UML Diagrams (in HTML)
Date Thu, 22 Jul 1999 19:12:11 GMT
Don't want to get off topic here, (if anyone wants you can email me directly)
but I can't believe that their use (UML) is not wide spread, to me it makes
the process of getting aquainted with a new piece of software much easier.

Anyway yes I built them with TogetherJ, a pretty cool UML tool (pure java) ..
it is pretty expensive (like $2000!) but I got this from their site, and a 1 month time key to try it.

The diagram builds itself (pretty easy), the printout is also neat, but the
tool itself is really awsome..

Any more info, contact me directly so we dont "contaminate" the list .. I'll
be glad to answer any questions.


Alex Ferrer

Chris Todd wrote:

> OK, my bad, I should have done "View Source" prior to posting this
> question...
> So you use Together to produce these kinds of diagrams, huh?  Did you have
> to create all the UML diagrams yourself?  Did Together generate the Java
> docs and navigation frames automatically?  I know this is off-topic, and
> asking for details about a commercial software package that has nothing to
> do with Cocoon, so perhaps you could email me directly.  I'd love to know
> what you had to do to produce those web pages (that is, how easy or
> difficult it was).
> Sincerest regards,
> Chris Todd
> Software Engineer
> Alabanza Corporation

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