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From "Yao, Di" <>
Subject dynamic xml in two formats of presentation(html & pdf)
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 12:16:53 GMT
I want to present xml files(generated by servlets) in html/pdf. Since I do
not want to regenerate the xml files everytime when user clicks on html/pdf
to change the format. I decided to generate xml file only once per session,
delete the files when session is over.
The easiest way to achieve it(seems to me) is to dump the xml file to some
directory when generated, then redirect user to that directory with some
parameter(to determine xsl), let cocoon handles the rest. 
Is this a practical(or good) way to do it? 
Anyone has sample code for generating the similar things? The source code in
cocoon package is not very instructive.
I am a new comer to cocoon, any advice is highly appreciated.

Best regards.


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