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From CompuServe Postmaster <>
Subject Received email thank you
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2000 21:08:28 GMT
Dear Internet Correspondent,

Thank you for contacting the CompuServe Postmaster with your question, concern, or comment.
We are sending this automatically generated message to acknowledge that your mail has been
received.  If you have sent multiple messages, you will only receive one copy of this letter.

Our goal is to process all mail sent to within 24 hours of receipt
and when possible to personally follow up on mail that we have received.  During times of
high volume, we may not be able to meet this goal.  Replies on abuse reports may be delayed
or omitted, especially if the junk e-mail in question did not originate at
 Due to the large number of reports we receive regarding Usenet newsgroup abuse, we can only
respond to a few items.  Lack of a response should NOT be interpreted as a lack of action

Messages that can best be answered by other CompuServe staff will be forwarded to the appropriate


A great deal of the junk e-mail reported to us is forged, and does not originate at
 In many cases, you can use the text displayed at the top of e-mail, the "Received:" or "To:"
lines (e-mail header information), to determine its true origin.  If e-mail headers have not
been tampered with, the last "Received:" header line will usually tell you the domain -- the
company name or the Internet service provider -- from which the junk e-mail originated.  

CompuServe does not support the sending of junk e-mail.  We are working closely with our legal
and security departments to increase our efforts in combating junk e-mail.  This includes
deploying new technological solutions, and adopting a more aggressive legal posture.


If you are writing to report abuse of the Internet or a Usenet newsgroup, please send future
reports to  

When reporting junk or abusive e-mail, or a Usenet post by a CompuServe Member, please forward
both the full text of the message and all text displayed at the top of the e-mail (the "Received:"
or "To:" lines). This helps us understand the context of the message as we take action against
the appropriate account.


CompuServe addresses can be numeric or alphanumeric.


CompuServe numeric addresses are either of the form 7xxxx,xxx or 1xxxxx,xxx (where each "x"
signifies a digit from 0 to 7). There can be 2 to 4 digits following the comma.

To send mail to such an address from the Internet, change the comma to a period, and follow
it with 

For example: or


CompuServe alphanumeric addresses contain 2-32 characters. Valid characters are A-Z, a-z,
0-9, and "_" (the underscore character). There must be one alpha character, but not more than
four of the same character consecutively.  To send mail to such an address from the Internet,
type the address, and follow it with 

For example:

Please contact if you need additional formatting information
for other types of addresses.

A Note to CompuServe Members

Your CompuServe e-mail address is the same as your Personal E-mail Address or CompuServe Member
ID (including the comma) that you received during signup. This is the address you give to
other CompuServe members so they can correspond with you.

Your CompuServe Member ID cannot be changed. However, you can request or change your Personal
E-mail Address through the GO REGISTER area online.

If you are giving your address to someone who is not a CompuServe member, add the following
extension to your address:

This extension is referred to as a domain name. Since non-CompuServe mail is sent via the
Internet, this is known as your Internet e-mail address.

The following examples show what a CompuServe e-mail address is on the Internet.  If a CompuServe
Personal E-mail Address was John Doe, the Internet address would be
      |      |
      |      |______Domain Name
      |______Personal E-mail Address

If a CompuServe Member ID was 70006,101, the Internet address would be
      |        |
      |        |______Domain Name
      |______CompuServe Member ID 

               Note: The comma is replaced with a period
                     in the Internet address format.

The address does not have any spaces. The domain name in some Internet addresses may be case-sensitive.
 To ensure the delivery of e-mail over the Internet, we recommend that you enter the domain
name in lower case letters.  

Please contact if you need additional formatting information
for other types of addresses.


Question: How do I join CompuServe?

Answer: If you would like more information about joining CompuServe, please visit 

Question: If I do not subscribe to CompuServe, how can I find a CompuServe member's e-mail

Answer: In accordance with our policy to protect the privacy of our members, CompuServe cannot
accommodate any requests for information pertaining to individual e-mail addresses.  Please
attempt to contact the individual(s) in question by other means to obtain their e-mail address.
 The CompuServe Postmaster will not release confidential CompuServe member information.

Question: As a CompuServe member, how do I get billing information about my account?

Answer: The CompuServe Postmaster cannot assist with billing-related issues.  On CompuServe
select the Go command, type BILLING and click OK to check your account for charges and remaining
free time, or to update billing and account information.  You may also contact CompuServe's
Customer Service Department for account cancellation requests and other related billing inquiries

 United States and Canada:
 Technical Support -
 General Support -
 Business Account Support -
 United Kingdom: 
 Technical Support -
 General Support -
 Business Account Support -
 Germany and Austria: 
 Technische Mitgliederbetreuung -
 Allgemeine Fragen -
 Fragen zur Abrechnung -
 Firmenkundenbetreuung -
 Assistance Technique -
 Assistance Technique Mac -
 Gestion de votre Compte Personnel -
 Gestion de votre Compte Société -
 Technical Support -
 General Support -
 Business Account Support -
 Fragen zur Abrechnung (billing-issues) - 
 Allgemeine Anfragen (general demands) - 
 Technische Mitgliederbetreuung (technical support) -  
 Firmenkundenbetreuung (CBA-issues) -
 All other European Countries: 
 Technical Support -
 General Support -
 Business Account Support -
 Japan - CompuServe/NIFTYServe:
 General Support -
 General Support -
 General Support - 

Thank you for writing,

CompuServe Postmaster Team
CompuServe Interactive Services, Inc.

rev. 1.0 

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