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From "Kirk Woerner" <>
Subject RE: stupid question about xsl:include/import
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 04:06:42 GMT

>> In fact "/foo.xml" is a perfect URI and also a perfect URL.
>There is a W3C
>> recommendation out, that says so, too. And anything that you put into an
>> attribute called href better be a URI. The only way to refer to filespace
>> with URIs is using the file:// locator - because http:// is sort of the
>> default locator. It is assumed, when no other locator is present.
>> Ulrich
>That was my understanding too.
>But since I have always been using those prefixes and I am not so close to
>the standards, I was not so sure.

Actually I think y'all are missing the point.  A URI is either fully
qualified or relative.  The URI "/common.xsl" is relative.  There's no
indication of whether it's http, file or what.  Which drive would this be on
on an Windows system?  So the question is "relative to what"?  I don't know
the answer, but I would think when the code just slaps "file:" in front it's
wrong.  I would think it would be relative to how the XSL was referred to in
the XML file (or wherever it was pulled from).  I think also there's
something similar to the HTML "DocumentBase" tag which it should follow.
This might be for only for XML, but since XSL IS XML it should work no?

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