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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: XML to EXCEL????
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2000 07:46:49 GMT
> Hi, guys
> I have a very simple question:
> Is there any parser or processor that can transform an XML page to an
> Excel file and/or viceversa.
> I have to design a new system and I'll really like to use Cocoon but
> also I want to add a new feature like this.
> I looked for it in the Microsoft's page, but they just have this very
> expensive BizTalk Server or something  like that can do this kind of
> work, but I would like to find an open source tool !!!

I'm not sure (this is all a hunch - I'm in the wrong OS) but I've got a
feeling the Gnumeric (the Gnome spreadsheet) native format is XML.  If this
DTD is not too complicated to understand you could transform your XML into
their DTD, then ask it to export as Excel (if it can - I know it reads)
using CORBA...

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