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From Jack BENNETTO <>
Subject How to improve performance? C++? compile XSL?
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 00:58:36 GMT

My company is in the process of migrating to a EJB-based application
server, and is planning to use Cocoon on the front end.  Unfortunately,
it's not as fast as we'd like.  Most of our documents are individual to
the user (different XML returned from the producers) so caching doesn't
help much.  I've looked through the docs and mailing lists, without much

Are there any references on performance tuning? Has anyone tried using it
with the C++ version of Xalan/Xerces? (would that work, writing Java
wrappers around them?)(Are they actually faster?)  Are Xalan/Xerces
already well optimized, or will more be done in the future?

Is it possible to precompile the stylesheets?  Our XSL is pretty static,
but it seems like most of the time is spent in the parsing, not the

Any ideas?  Does anyone have experience trying to improve performance on a
site with heavy traffic?


Jack Bennetto

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