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From rong <>
Subject Re: SQL tag setup for Oracle
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 19:13:25 GMT
On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, SaiRam Mattancheril wrote:

> I think your ORACLE_SID should be alright -- in anycase Login to the unix box
> and type the command "echo $ORACLE_SID" and it should respond with GL.
> I assume that in your Java/JDBC/Oracle application (which you say works ) you
> are using the same driver and not oci8 or someother "non-thin" oracle driver.
> What is the error you are getting?

In my JAVA/JDBC/ORACLE application, i used the same driver(oracle815.jar),
which is JDBC thin driver for Oracle8.1.5. I use the same for cocoon

The error of my sql.xml cocoon application is: I got a blank screen, but
that's ok since i don't apply a xslt on this page. However, when i look at
the source, i saw the following:   


    <connection name="oracle_connection">

  <query connection="oracle_connection">
    select * from shop


<!-- This page was served in 71 milliseconds by Cocoon 1.7.4 -->


Instead, i should see something like:

    <ROW id="0">
    <ROW id="1">
    <ROW id="2">

This means SQL processor doesn't query into Oracle database. 

> can try to help if i can get more specific information on the following
> 1) Cocoon's response to your SQL-XML -- r u getting a blank screen, are
> you getting a "printStackTrace" 

What is "printStackTrace"? 
>2) The classpath used by your working
> Java Application and the classpath used by TomCat/Cocoon 

I believe they share the same classpath, i use "echo $CLASSPATH" to check 

>3) The names  and versions of the Oracle JDBC drivers you are using. 
JDBC thin driver for Oracle8.1.5, oracle815.jar

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