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Subject Re: Class loader problems
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 08:14:53 GMT is where I've been putting my classpath settings to date.
When you say every class,
I take it that roots of expanded class trees are allowed (i.e. not just
archives).  Sounds a silly question
but thought I'd check.  Bizarre bit about this problem,is that the problem
class exists in the same package
at the same location on the disk as other classes I've written, which load

I'm having a look just now, but preliminary tests seem to suggest that
loading my
classes explicitly with the system class loader seems to work!?  Might be
mistaken though, I need to
spend some more time.  Is there a doc outlining the class loading process
that cocoon uses?  The in-line
documentation's a bit thin on the ground.


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Every class you use in an XSP page _must_ be listed in a
wrapper.classpath= property in the file They cannot
reside in the file.

Giacomo wrote:
> Had a look through the archive - couldn't see anything so appologies if
> this has already done the
> rounds (it's such an odd problem that I'm sure it has).
> I'm having problems loading some of my own classes from inside an XSP.  I
> have two classes
> I use for logging.  One is a client side helper class (I have a remote
> logging service) , call it
> LogClientHelper and the other is a log  interface which defines how you
> log stuff, call it Log.
> The client side helper implements the log interface i.e. LogClientHelper
> implements Log.  I can
> insantiate my client side helper inside the XSP, but when I try to call a
> method on it, I get a
> NoClassDefFoundError on the super-interface (i.e. the class loader can't
> load the Log interface).
> Log and LogClientHelper are in the same package.  Both class and
> are present and I've
> output the classpath from inside the xsp and it's fine.
> Is cocoon using it's own loader?  Or perhaps this is a problem with JServ
> (my servlet engine)?
> At any rate, I've no hair left having already torn it all out - any
> Much obliged,
>   Graham.
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