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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: cocoon really an option
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 08:43:46 GMT
> We have to support multi-language, login
> > environment with shopping cart functions
> > and later on - WAP.
> Multi-language and WAP is pretty straightforward in cocoon. Security and
> Session management is not. It would be cool if someone wrote a taglib
> for that :)

Hm... since Cocoon is Servlet, Session management should
not be too hard to go for. But I have just a very limit
view of what is possible with Cocoon. Maybe someone with
a little more insight (than me) could comment on this topic.

Worst case I could maybe write a Servlet that does the
Session managment and uses Cocoon just for the display.
But that would need this Servlet somehow function like
a proxy... servlet chaining... don't know

> Try it out ;-)
If I see how to do the session management I will ;-)
(Even though it seems to be a bit like poker ;-)
> Seriously, cocoon2 should scale pretty well, cocoon1.* up to a certain
> point.

Hm.. how stable is cocoon2 right now... what's up with session
managment at cocoon2?!

> > And I haven't found much documentation on
> > building such sites with Cocoon. (Have I
> > been looking at the wrong place?) A getting
> > started tutorial would be great!! Or at
> > least some more comlex samples!
> Building a site involves much more than cocoon provides. It is not a
> site-management tool, but something on which every site-management tool
> should be based :)

Well, of course... anyway I find it hard get into the process
of designing a site which uses Cocoon. More documentation cannot
be bad ;-)

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