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From "Pat Laplante" <>
Subject (STEPHANO PLEASE READ THIS) RE: Cocoon 1.7.4. vs BEA WebLogic Server
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 02:15:53 GMT
Hi there....

I had the same problem where weblogic was running in a static class loading mode instead of

I was able to fix it by modifying the cocoon file.  Instead of using
java.class.path I am using
cocoon.class.path.  Then I recompiled the file and put in cocoon.jar.

Now when I start weblogic, I put all the weblogic stuff in weblogic.class.path, all the cocoon
stuff in cocoon.class.path and the
boot stuff of weblogic in javaclasspath.

java <someoptions> -classpath <bootstuff> -Dweblogic.class.path=<weblogic stuff>
-Dcocoon.class.path=<cocoon stuff>.  weblogic run
in dynamic class loading mode and cocoon works fine.

I honestly that cocoon should not rely on the java classpath but should rely on some other
class path like I did.

Stephano... what do you think?

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From: Kevin Yancy []
Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2000 8:29 PM
Subject: Re: Cocoon 1.7.4. vs BEA WebLogic Server

Hi Phillip

Yee Ha! With the info you provided I was finally able to get XSP working
under WebLogic 5.1 !!! I really appreciate your insights.

thanx a lot!

Philip Aston wrote:

> I've been playing with using Cocoon 1.7.4 in conjunction with BEA
> WebLogic Server 5.1. (Stefano and folks, feel free to add any or all
> of this to the installation guide. You might also like to add a
> success report for MS NT 4.0 SP4, BEA WebLogic Server 5.1 SP3, JDK
> 1.2.2.)
> WLS 5.1 implements Servlet 2.2. so it plugs in easily. Here's a quick
> recipe:
>  - Add the xerces, xalan, fop, servlet, and cocoon JAR files (from the
>    distribution) to your CLASSPATH. (See below). If you're using Java
>    2, you should also add the tools.jar file from the JDK distribution
>    to your CLASSPATH.
>  - Create a new subdirectory tree of your WLS run time directory
>    "cocoonwar/WEB-INF" and copy the default web.xml file (from the
>    src directory of the distribution) there.
>  - Copy the from the conf directory of the
>    distribution to cocoonwar/WEB-INF and updated the web.xml file to
>    refer to it.
>  - Copy the samples directory from the distribution to cocoonwar
>  - Map the web application into the WLS URI name space by adding the
>    following line to your file:
>              weblogic.httpd.webApp.cocoon=cocoonwar
> Start WLS, point your browser at
> "http://localhost:7001/cocoon/samples/index.xml" and away you go.
> Classpaths and XSP:
>   To support hot deployment of EJB's and Servlets, WebLogic Server
>   uses its own class loader with its own classpath (the "WebLogic
>   classpath"). Normally you'd put all the WebLogic Server container
>   code, JDBC drivers, etc. in your Java CLASSPATH (so that WebLogic
>   Server can start up) and add all your application code (stuff that
>   needs to be able to be redeployable) to the WebLogic classpath.
>   Cocoon is effectively "container" code, and the XSP processor uses
>   dynamic classloading which only understands the Java CLASSPATH, so
>   you should put all of the Cocoon jars in CLASSPATH.
>   The big problem with this is that you can't use any code that loads
>   from the WebLogic classpath within XSP's. This includes all of the
>   WebLogic API, so is a PITA. To overcome this, either the way Cocoon
>   loads classes needs to be modified (Stefano, is this easy?), or the
>   WebLogic Server class loader needs to be disabled (in which case you
>   have to be willing to live without hot redeployment).
>   To disable the WebLogic class loader, put your application classes,
>   the Cocoon jars and _all_ of the WebLogic Server stuff into the Java
>   CLASSPATH add -Dweblogic.system.disableWeblogicClassPath=true to the
>   Java command at the end of you WebLogic start script.
> - Phil
> This is not an official BEA response. Please do not send me unrelated
> WebLogic support questions - I am unable to answer them. Instead
> please use the BEA developer newsgroups - see
>, or contact BEA support.
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> BEA Professional Services (Northern Europe)
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Kevin Yancy

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