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From David Parry <>
Subject Re: The tag Libraries example on
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2000 15:11:32 GMT
on 22/6/00 2:19 pm, Alexandre Stouffs at wrote:
> I tried the example of tag library found on the Apache site ("Another
> Example: Tag Libraries" paragraph on

Did you update the file with a new entry for your taglib?

You should have something like this in (without the
linebreaks, obviously): =

There are existing taglib logicsheet definitions in Cocoon already referred
to in (probably a good idea to put yours near them) and
the logicsheets themselves are stored in the Cocoon.jar file... hence the
resource://... URIs. Your logicsheet can hang somewhere on your hard
drive... that's the way I use them with file:///...

Something else I noticed: I found that one of my servlet engines wanted me
to do the file: URI as file:/home/user/example.xsl and the other servlet
engine wanted it as file:///home/user/example.xsl. You may need to fiddle
with this depending on what OS you're on.

Also: since the taglib locations are in the file which is
only read in at Cocoon initialization, you'll probably need to restart your
servlet engine to make the new entry operate.

Hope this helps some...

David Parry, Object Mangler

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