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From Mark Washeim <>
Subject Re: EJB and Apache/Jakarta/etc
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 14:19:01 GMT
on 12/6/00 2:35 pm, Uli Mayring at wrote:

> On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, Mark Washeim wrote:
>> I'm deep in over my head, now, using cocoon and apache to repair what the
>> big name brands have wrought and bring some sanity back to a project . . .
> I hope you're not talking about, because this site is
> going to be needed in the next few weeks :)
> Ulrich

I am indeed talking about :)

For the sake of so-called business ethics, I should keep my mouth shut . . .
but then, what ever stopped our colleague engineers from being un-ethical .
. . 

To put it short, once I'm finished (this week), I'm going to write a long
discursive essay about this industry. It will contend itself with the errors
and the arrogance of consultancies. It will rage against the stupidity of
'buying' solutions to problems, at all (since when has anyone ever solved a
problem by buying anything!)... and I will belabour (sorry) the topic of the
origins of open source in the scientific spirit which derives from the
Enlightment notion that knowledge yields freedom. . . contentious stuff,
eh?! . . .

Don't worry. It'll stay up. Article generation and stats are already
presented by cocoon (under-optimized I might add) . . .

I'm almost there . . .

Mark (Poetaster) Washeim

'On the linen wrappings of certain mummified remains
found near the Etrurian coast are invaluable writings
that await translation.

Quem colorem habet sapientia?'

Evan S. Connell


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