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Subject Re:
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2000 07:37:55 GMT

My propagation of this message back upstream can be considered a form of
electronic confetti in its gratuitous abuse of bandwidth.  I only write to
mention that I am making a hardcopy of this message so that I can impress
Stefano to autograph it if I ever have the opportunity to shake his hand.

I've learned more just lurking on this list and -dev the last six months than
any Java course in which I've participated.  I feel particularly privileged to
have witnessed Mr. Mazzocchi's quantum state collapse.

And kudos to Mr. Washeim, the site is an impressive piece of work.

Mike Haarman,
Merrill Communications, LLC

Stefano Mazzocchi <> on 16.06.2000 18:29:56

Please respond to

Subject:  Re:

Mark Washeim wrote:
> Ok, all, we have a stable (more or less :) version of the site running
> under:
> please hit it, try out some of the other languages and GIVE ME SOME LOAD :)
> There are still numerous areas being worked on (don't bother trying to
> log-in or sign-up for membership, I'm working on it) . . .
> Several of the games are unavailabe, also . . .
> Please note that one optimization (concerning the caching for pages with
> many 'teaser' articles) is not implemented. . . you should note responses on
> single articles in under 2 seconds but for pages with numerous summaries,
> processing time can be upwards of 7 seconds . . .
> Any feedback (ie, what's broken) is appreciated . . .
> A note about the hacks:
> One anomalous but useful hack I wanted to point out is:
> none of the java is embedded directly in the xsp pages (de_, it_, gb_, etc)
> and, as yet, we haven't debugged the tag-lib version . . . so, how you ask
> did we do it :)
> I love this hack: the Document type declaration declares an entity which
> imports the java at the declaration (&logic;). I have to abmit, I'm a sucker
> for a quick fix :)
> A further note about development:
> For a project under great pressure, XSP has been GREAT! Thanks very much.
> Though we're breaking a bunch of design principles, the prototyping process
> with xsp has been very nice to work with. We're headed for a set of custom
> 'generators' but, for the interim, xsp is what the doctor ordered....

Ufff... I was waiting for that result :) You know, you and I had great
discussions about how all this would stand in reality and I can tell you
now: I've never written _any_ dynamic web site or any kind. Nada, zero,

Everything came up with my personal experience on
scalability problems (well, not an easy task, I admit given the degree
of graphical and time distribution of the human resources involved),
tons of whiteboard layouts and immense feedback from incredible
communities like this one.

But the Cocoon pipeline model and the XSP language are my personal
inventions, even if I awe a shitload to people like Pierpaolo and
Ricardo that helped me incredibly in polishing both designs.

And now you tell me they work in real life and not only on paper.

Know what? There is only one step missing: the sitemap model.

Once this is in place (it will happen when Cocoon2 is final), it will
complete my R&D work for my college thesis and watch this baby grow and
take over the world.

If you think Cocoon1 is great, Cocoon2 will blow your away.

And you'd better tell your friends because when this happens, it's far
better to be "inside the wave" than in front of it :)

Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
<>                             Friedrich Nietzsche
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