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From COFFMAN Steven <>
Subject Xalan normalize()? Must I validate?
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 17:46:33 GMT
	I've got an XSL:T file that outputs an XML tree into comma
dilineated text file. I don't want the extra trailing and leading white
space in any cells whatsoever. However, the only way that I can see Xalan
doing this is when the normalize() method is called. Must I use -VALIDATE to
get this effect? I really don't need or want the overhead of validation,
just trimming the excess whitespace from cells.

Some of the cells already have the whitespace trimmed. All the cells that
use <xsl:apply-templates select="../svp"> have the whitespace removed. All
the cells that use <xsl:apply-templates select="./address"> do not. Can I
use any fancy XSLT trickery to get Xalan to apply the same behaviour for


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