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From Stephen Elson-Education <>
Subject Empty attributes
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2000 13:47:34 GMT
Hello all,

	I have looked through the archive, and though this problem is
mentioned, no workable fix was presented.

If I have the following in my stylesheet:
<IMG SRC="/furniture/tiny.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" ALT=""/>
<IMG SRC="/furniture/tiny.gif" WIDTH="3" HEIGHT="1"><xsl:attribute

it produces the following output:
<IMG height="1" src="/furniture/tiny.gif" width="3" alt>

The empty string of 'alt' is important to a perl script used on our site,
which produces a text only version of pages, using the alt tag to provide
(strangely) an alternative rendition of images.
Another XSLProcessor I use (LotusXSL) retains the "" attribute.

Also, the following Image map code:
<MAP NAME="navbar">
<AREA SHAPE= .../>
<AREA SHAPE= .../>
<AREA SHAPE= .../>
<AREA SHAPE= .../>

is stripped of the closing MAP tag when rendered as html, making it useless
in Netscape, any ideas anyone?  Again, LotusXSL presents no problem.


Steve Elson

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