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From Alessandro Bottoni <>
Subject Cocoon Competitors... Wanted
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 14:46:44 GMT

[Torsten Curdt wrote:]
	Well, why aren't you using a competing product then? Ah, I see...
	 are none ;-)

	[Alessandro Bottoni]
	This would be extremely bad, if it was completely true. We (web site
developers) desperetly need good XML servers, like Cocoon, and having no
choice is dangerous and very limitating.

	Did you try to propose Cocoon to your boss and tell him that, should
anything go wrong with Cocoon, there would be absolutely no server
alternatives? Take into account that this would mean no way to re-use
(publish) your XML/XSP documents without some mass conversion, as well.

	[Dr Adam Moore wrote:]
	AxKit from Matt Sergeant which is mod_perl rather than java, does
XSP and
	is developing along nicely in an OSS kinda way. Matt is currently
	very hard on optimisations and it's actually quite fast.

	[Alessandro Bottoni]
	I cannot keep myself from wondering why so many programmers still
use Perl so much...

	IMHO Python ( ) should be taken into
consideration for this kind of XML-oriented applications because:
	1) It has wide support for XML and HTML (and for Sockets, SMTP,
NNTP, etc...)
	2) It is bytecode compiled, like Java
	3) It is much more elegant and easy to maintain than Perl
	4) It can be easily embedded in any program (there is already a
version of Apache with a built-in Python interpreter: PyApache)
	5) It can be easily extended with C/C++ (see, as
	6) It "talks" very well with Windows and all its COM-enabled
	7) It is widely used by the Linux community (see
and, even as THE scripting language of choice of a few
desktop environments.
	8) It has a couple of nice IDEs
	9) It can be embedded in your HTML Browser, like Java. There is even
a Web Browser completely written in Python: Grail.

	The only missing component, respect to Java, is an alternative
servlet technology. It should not be impossible to re-implement this smart
technology in Python, even in a better/smarter way.

Alessandro Bottoni (
Web Programmer @ Think3 inc. (
I do not speak for think3 and they return the favour

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