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From "Alain Tixier" <>
Subject Re: A modest proposal (was: The User is the King (was: Cocoon Competitors)
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 13:58:26 GMT
At 17:20 22/06/00 -0600, you wrote:

>Step 1 -- BIG NOTE: I built the Apache Server as DSO _but_ with
>built-IN, NOT DSO'd.

In the same environment, my is DSO'd ans its work fine ... (?)

>If you overlook the above step (1c.), I promise you frustration and a
>flat forehead, because it conflicts with Apache if you use the same
>port, or with the Listener connection immediately below it, if you use
>the same Listener port. You must comment out either one or the other.

I've keep these lines in my configuration ... (?) without frustation.

>ALSO NOTE: The Cocoon install guide says you must specify each one of
>these .jar files that you just added to Tomcat's lib directory in the
>tomcat startup file. I didn't find that necessary because Tomcat-3.1's
>startup script ( automatically incorporates them into your
>$CLASSPATH with its lib/*.jar routine.

CLASSPATH is necessary to force inclusion order ("xerces.jar" must be the 
first class included to avoid some cocoon runtine error)

The main difference between my configuration and yours is a link from 
"webapps" to my xml directory in "apache/htdocs". I've only added a 
"/WEB-INF/web.xml" and "/WEB-INF/" to my xml directory. 
This was necessary to mix html and xml pages in the same application.

Alain Tixier

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