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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: URL Encoding
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 23:43:02 GMT
Edwin Glaser wrote:
> Sorry for the delay.
> > But just as I believe that XSP should not be used to write dynamic
> > turing-complete filters (XSLT+extentions is there for this), XSLT should
> > not be used to write generators (XSP is there for this).
> Yeah, of cause it is!
> But have a look at the whole thing. Today we embed xml into an
> object oriented control flow. It reminds one very mutch of the old
> days when object oriented designs were implemented in C.
> We just don't have a turing-complete full-featured programming
> language for the xml way of thinking. And case tools are beyond the
> horizon. No doubt, the Cocoon processor chain is the best way to
> deal with this situation.
> But in my opinion you are not allowed to stop evolution by calling
> further steps a "big hack". Ulrich saw the hack and said "Looks cool".
> May be, he is the one, who finds a way to make it practical.
> "make a technology do something it was not designed for" is at least
> a way to find the design - do you have a better way?
> Btw. Once upon a time your sig said something like "A language that
> doesn't change the way you think about programming isn't worth
> learning". Is my memory wrong? What happened to this project?

What are you talking about?

Since you happen not to read what I write, I'll make it very simple for
you to understand: both XSP logicsheets and XSLT extentions deserve a
place in the Cocoon project, and neither one should replace the other.


If you want to read something else in my words, you are free to do it,
but don't expect me to appreciate it.

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