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From montefin <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Competitors... Wanted
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 21:05:21 GMT
Well, I've always preferred the term 'Parallel Development' to
'Competitor'. It makes for greater cross-fertilization and

I'm currently familiarizing myself and attempting to do some
benchmarking with 3 different implementations of XML:

1.) Cocoon -- which is Java based.

2.) Zope -- which is Python based.

3.) AxKit -- which is Perl based.

I have more 'flight time' with Cocoon than the others. But I think
that's partly a consequence of the time it takes to get Cocoon cooking.
Zope's documentation makes it a breeze to setup, so I haven't had to
'do' much with or for it. And, I'm just now getting started with Matt
Sergeant's AxKit (which I recently learned about through some XML
development under mod_perl & Apache::ASP) so I'm more of a newbie there
than with the other two.

At least there is 'Parallel Development' out there, and that is a good

My opinion on these matters is very, very humble. I approach all these
developments from a potential user's perspective. That's why clear,
simple documentation is so high on my list.


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