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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: How to improve performance? C? compile XSL?
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:53:01 GMT
Markus Bernhardt wrote:
> Hi
> I'm at the moment not very familiar with the internals of cocoon,
> but I think I know quite much about high performance java.
> Is the following right ?
> Cocoon generates by the call a *.java source file.
> This file gets compiled to an *.class file.
> The *.class file gets loaded and used.
> Yes ?

Not exactly.

Cocoon is already in bytecode format when it is deployed.
Cocoon generates the information from an XML file, and
transforms the information by XSL and/or XSP.  If XSP is
used, then Cocoon must compile it first.  Once it is compiled,
it can act on the XML in real time.

The impedance mismatch here is that Cocoon works with XML
first and formost.  The only compiles that occur are at build
time (or for XSP, first access).

The order of processing is below:

1. Cocoon receives a request.
2. Using the sitemap, it chooses the generator (custom, file,
   XSP, etc.)
3. Using the sitemap, it chooses the transform layer (XSL,
   none, etc.)  Cocoon theoretically can have more than one
4. Using the sitemap, it chooses the serializer (html, fo2pdf,
5. The client gets the response.

All of this happens in milliseconds.

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