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From Markus Bernhardt <>
Subject Re: How to improve performance? C++? compile XSL?
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:34:31 GMT

I'm at the moment not very familiar with the internals of cocoon,
but I think I know quite much about high performance java.

Is the following right ?

Cocoon generates by the call a *.java source file.
This file gets compiled to an *.class file.
The *.class file gets loaded and used.

Yes ?

1: Would it be possible to use another Sourcecode-compiler like jikes ?
   jikes compiles 5 to 20 times faster.

2: Has anybody tried to compile the whole thing to native code ?
   I don't speak about JIT or Hotspot, but something like the
   High Performance Compiler for Java by IBM. (Is there one for Linux ??)
   Our java-written Server runs on a IBM S/390 Mainframe approx.
   15 times faster. Under Windows NT about 3-5 times faster.
   Under Linux ???

   Our experience is:
   The more function calls are made in the code and the more memory the
   program is pulling, the better performs the native compiled code.


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