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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Unable to see Cocoon.xml
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2000 10:48:13 GMT
Michael Beddow wrote:
> (Mike Engelhardt):
> > Cocoon.xml is not a very good metric on whether or not Cocoon
> is working
> > properly.  It's been more of a pain in the ass than anything
> else :-)
> (Stefano):
> I think this is addressed to me and, well, it hurts a little to
> know
> that, given that I wrote it to simplify installation and runtime
> checking...
> I think the issue is that something like this happens:
> 1) New user screws up install somehow
> 2) New user tries to access cocoon.xml and gets nothing or stack
> dump
> 3) New user goes looking to make sure cocoon.xml is there
> instead of chasing the real problem
> 4) New user can't find cocoon.xml and so now has big non-problem
> Maybe a "real" concoon.xml would help avoid sending people off
> on this false trail... Or at least making clear in the bit of
> the docs about intial testing that cocoon.xml is dynamically
> generated.

Good point, but this is not possible to do in Cocoon1 unless you want to
turn it into an XSP page and this would generate more error reports than

But C2 will have "real" pages for introspection and it will also make it
a good example of Cocoon's power.

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