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From Charles Yates <>
Subject Re: Getting URL parameter values
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 21:36:55 GMT
<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
OK, I get it.&nbsp; This is a bit over my head but
<br>I&nbsp;think you need to use XSP where you have
<br>access to the HttpServletRequest object:
<p><A HREF=""></A>
<p>see the section on XSP&nbsp;Built-in Objects
<p>"Diethelm Guallar, Gonzalo" wrote:
<blockquote TYPE=CITE><font size=-1>I want to write XSL code that does
not know</font>
<pre><font size=-1>beforehand what the parameters will be.</font></pre>

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