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From "K.C. Jones" <>
Subject Re: LDAP Sample
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2000 18:44:14 GMT
> Are you sure you've got the 1.2.1 JNDI jar files? I've
> just done some checking, and the required class is in my
> ldap.jar file

Ah ha!  "ldap.jar" is the key.
I think.

None of the docs or info on the cocoon site mention
ldap.jar, only jndi.jar.  I believe this (and my general
ignorance of jndi) is the root of my confusion.  That, and
the fact that neither jndi nor the providers are included in
the JDK, contrary to the info on Sun's JDK download site.

But I haven't confirmed this fix yet.

Downloading and installing JDK 1.3 has caused tomcat to
barf.  Some registry key is pointing to 1.3 and it wants
1.2.  Oi vey.  Running cocoon is a bit like herding cats.
Lots of dependent packages that have minds of their own.

I'll check in when I have it all sorted out...


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