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Subject XSP and XML inlining?
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2000 15:57:04 GMT

I have written a program that creates an xml output. I used XSP to read
its output and include it into the file. (Thanks, Morten!):

by a simple mthod written as XSP:LOGIC:

Runtime.exec is used to start the program, and its output is read via
InputStreamReader. When I call the method to start the program and reads
the output in the xml-file, the data is included in the xml document,
however, the data is modfied so that it can not be recognised as XML

<Integral> becomes &lt;Integral&gt; and so I can not detect the Integral
Tag in the XSL Stylesheet.

Is there a possibility to keep the XML-syntax of the data, or should I
use another approach (eg. start the program from a producer or from a
servlet and call cocoon then?).

Any help is appreciated,


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